Nizzi Marie-Christine

Harvard University
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mnizzi [at]
  • Nizzi, M-C., Blandin, V., Demertzi, A. (2018) Attitudes towards personhood in the locked-in syndrome: from third- to first-person perspective and to inter-personal significance. Neuroethics, 1-9.
  • Nizzi, M-C., Tasigiorgos, S., Turk, M., Moroni, C., Bueno, E., Pomahac, B. (2017) Psychological outcomes in face transplant recipients: A literature review. Current Surgery Reports, 5:26.
  • Nizzi, M-C., Belin, C., Maillet, D., Moroni, C. (2016) The sense of self is supported by several independent cognitive processes in Alzheimer's disease, and self-reported age tracks cognitive impairment. GeriatrPsychol Neuropsychiatr Vieil, 14(3): 341-350.
  • Nizzi, M-C. (2014) Technologie et futur du corps humain d’après sept œuvres de science-fiction. [Technology and the future of the human body] Implications Philosophiques, special issue “Philosophy and cinema”; available online on August 4th, 2014.
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Histoire des relations entre sciences, techniques et sociétés
Philosophie de la psychologie
Philosophie des techniques
Éthique médicale