Chevillard Jean-Luc

CNRS Université Paris Diderot
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  • Chevillard, Jean-Luc (2013). “Enumeration techniques in Tamil metrical treatises (Studies in Tamil Metrics – 3)”, pp. 241-322, in Whitney Cox and Vincenzo Vergiani (eds), Bilingual Discourse and Cross-Cultural Fertilisation: Sanskrit and Tamil in Medieval India, COLLECTION INDOLOGIE - 121, INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE PONDICHÉRY & ÉCOLE FRANÇAISE D’EXTRÊME-ORIENT, Pondicherry.
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  • Chevillard, Jean-Luc  (2011), “ ‘Urappiyum eṭuttum kaṉaittum’ : Contrastive Phonetics or how to describe one language with the help of another one”, pp. 105-117, in: Schalk, Peter (Editor-in-Chief) and van Nahl, Ruth (Co-Editor), The Tamils: From the Past to the Present. Celebratory Volume in Honour of Professor Āḷvāpiḷḷai Vēluppiḷḷai at the occasion of his 75th Birthday, Kumaran Book House, Colombo–Chennai. (ISBN: 978-955-659-303-7).
  • Chevillard, Jean-Luc, (2009), “The Metagrammatical Vocabulary inside the Lists of 32
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  • Chevillard, Jean-Luc (2007), “Syntactic Duality in Classical Tamil Poems”, pp. 177-210, in Colin P. Masica (Ed.), Old and New Perspectives on South Asian Languages: Grammar and Semantics, MLBD Series in Linguistics Vol. 16, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi.
  • Chevillard, Jean-Luc, (2007), "The concept of ticaiccol in Tamil grammatical literature and the regional diversity of Tamil classical literature", pp. 21-50, in Kannan M. (Ed.), Streams of Language: Dialects in Tamil, French Institute of Pondicherry, Pondicherry. AVAILABLE IN UPDATED VERSION AT:
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Histoire des sciences humaines et sociales
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XXe siècle
Monde indien
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Linguistique, littéraire